Japanese Classification of Colorectal, Appendiceal, and Anal Carcinoma 大腸癌取扱い規約 (英語版) 第3版

出版社: 金原出版
発行日: 2019-04-25
分野: 臨床医学:一般  >  癌/腫瘍一般
ISBN: 9784307203951
シリーズ: がん取扱い規約

4,620 円(税込)




  • I. Guidelines for classification
    1 Aims and subjects
     1.1 Aims
     1.2 Subjects
    2 General principles of description methods
     2.1 Clinical, surgical, and pathological findings
     2.2 Findings following preoperative treatment
     2.3 Findings of recurrence
    3 Recording of findings
     3.1 Primary tumors
     3.2 Metastasis
     3.3 Stage grouping
     3.4 Multiple colorectal cancers, multiple primary cancers
     3.5 Family history and hereditary diseases
    4 Endoscopic and surgical treatments
     4.1 Endoscopic treatment
     4.2 Surgical treatment
    5 Assessment of cancer involvement at resected margin, residual tumor, and curability
     5.1 Cancer involvement at resection margins
     5.2 Residual tumor
     5.3 Curability
    6 Chemotherapy and radiotherapy
     6.1 Chemotherapy documentation
     6.2 Radiotherapy documentation
    7 Evaluation of resected specimens
     7.1 Macroscopic findings
     7.2 Histological findings
     7.3 Histological criteria for the assessment of response to chemotherapy/rediotherapy
     7.4 Histological assessment of biopsy specimens(Group classification)
     7.5 Measurement of the depth of invasion
    8 Treatment outcome record
     8.1 Number of patients
     8.2 Multiple colorectal cancers, multiple primary cancers
     8.3 Modalities of treatment and adjuvant therapy
     8.4 Total number of colorectal cancer cases with treatment, and the number and rate of cases by treatment types
     8.5 Number and rate of operative mortality
     8.6 Number and rate of hospital mortality following surgery
     8.7 Survival analysis